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Training programs

The training program «Beginner»

Theoretical classes:

- hazards in the mountains, mountain relief forms
- general concepts of mountain climbing tactics
- basic rules of behavior and safety in the mountains
- signs of changing weather
- basics of orientation in the mountains 
- rules and methods of rendering first aid in the mountains
- the main equipment of the climber 
- basic information about the principles of mutual insurance 

Practical classes:

- movement on talus and grassy slopes;
- movement on rock inclinations with a leash, in a bundle;
- movement on snow slopes, trampling down steps, delay when slipping and stalling
- movement on snow slopes in bundles using a railing;
- movement on a simple relief, self-retention and retention of a partner during a breakdown on the ice;
- movement on a closed glacier in bunches; 
- to cross the established crossing of a mountain river;
- carrying easily injured, using simple techniques;


Подъем в горы

Weather in Almaty

Погода в Алматы -2°С
693 мм.рт.ст., 2,3 м/с.
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