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About Us

Our company specializes in active forms of tourism, in particular, special we focus on mountain trekking (one-day and multi-day mountain tourism) and climbing to the summits (mountain climbing), as our specialists really strong in this.

Other activities such as climbing, freeride, rafting, cycling we also offer our customers. And of course, classic excursions to Charyn, Kulsai lakes, Boguty mountains and etc. We see the potential for offering training programs (basic mining tourism), including mountain team building.

The main target audience is local residents aged 18–35 years (round year) and visitors (Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries) aged 18 - 55 (May — October).


Подъем в горы

Weather in Almaty

Погода в Алматы +17°С
696 мм.рт.ст., 5,8 м/с.
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The Republic of Kazakhstan
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